Conducted online Tuesday through Thursday, The Times-Picayune Power Poll asks questions of the top Jefferson and Orleans parish influencers in business, politics, arts, media, nonprofits and community affairs. It is not a scientific inquiry, but it does afford non-partisan insight into the thoughts and opinions of those who steer the region. Of 1,380 Power Poll members surveyed this week, 190 voted, for a participation rate of 14%.

Less than half the Power Poll respondents said they are confident that carbon capture and storage is a safe way to reduce Louisiana's greenhouse gas emissions. That mirrors the sentiment in a number of rural parishes.

How confident are you that carbon capture is a safe way to reduce Louisiana's greenhouse gas emissions?

  • Completely confident: 11%
  • Fairly confident: 30%
  • Neutral: 28%
  • Slightly confident: 11%
  • Not confident at all: 28%.

"Carbon capture feels like a solution generated to allow for our continued abuse of our environment," Rashida Govan, executive director of the New Orleans Youth Alliance. "Instead of reducing our carbon footprint and transitioning to alternative (safer) energy sources, we'd rather bury the problem (literally) and hope for the best."

Less harsh was Brent Mikecol Craige, cofounder and CEO of Jammaround Inc. As with any industrial process, he said there are risks and rewards, but he concluded: "Overall, carbon capture storage is considered to be an important tool in the fight against climate change and has the potential to significantly reduce CO2 emissions from power plants and other industrial sources."

Solar tax breaks

Almost two third of respondents also approve of solar power that they say Louisiana governments should grant property tax breaks for solar panel farms.

Should Louisiana local governments grant tax breaks for solar power farms?

  • Yes: 64%
  • No: 25%
  • I'm unsure: 11%.

The response comes at a time when solar tax breaks are getting a cold shoulder from some local governments.

As for the New Orleans Saints, 7-9 in their first season without head coach Sean Payton and eliminated from the playoffs before their final game Sunday, no need for heads to roll just yet, according to Power Poll.

If the New Orleans Saints are to improve in 2023, they must replace:

  • General manage Mickey Loomis: 1%
  • Head coach Dennis Allen: 23%
  • Offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael: 5%
  • All of the above: 5%
  • None of the above: 29%
  • I'm unsure: 38%.

And yet some pine for Payton to return.

"Sean Payton seemed to miss being in coaching immediately. He never looked like he really enjoyed the TV gig," said state Rep. John Illg Jr. of River Ridge. "I think the answer may be in front of the Saints. It may be hard to keep most of our staff if Coach Payton goes elsewhere. It all starts at the top, and he's the best one available. Let's bring him home."

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