LSU Alumni Association President and CEO Cliff Vannoy says two separate audits that were ordered following a sex scandal involving the group’s former leader have found no wrongdoing or misused money.

The independent reports are expected to formally be released this week, Vannoy told the LSU Faculty Senate on Tuesday.

Former association head Charlie Roberts resigned in August after an ex-employee claimed in a lawsuit that Roberts gave her a marketing job at the Alumni Association so she would continue a sexual relationship with him and then paid her monthly hush money after she resigned.

“No association funds were ever used by Dr. Roberts to give to Kay Heath or any thing like that,” Vannoy said Tuesday.

Roberts, who had served as head of the Alumni Association for three decades, has admitted to a relationship with the former Alumni Association staffer but denied that there was any monetary arrangement in exchange.

The lawsuit claims Roberts, 78, offered Heath, 63, payments of $3,200 a month for the rest of her life if she kept their alleged relationship secret. It says she sued Roberts and the LSU Alumni Association after the payments stopped. Heath dropped the Alumni Association, which runs as a nonprofit entity separate from the university, from her lawsuit once Roberts resigned from his post there.

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