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In February 2017, students returning to St. Amant High School for the first time after the 2016 flood, headed down a new covered walkway leading to classrooms in new temporary buildings. This month, students will be able to return to the first permanent school buildings to be restored. 

Going to class on the covered walkway, students return to St. Amant High School Monday Feb. 13, 2017, one of the five schools that flooded in Ascension Parish in August. Students were in classrooms in the just-completed Freshman Academy building that didn't flood, as well as temporary buildings on campus.

The Louisiana Department of Education released ACT scores Wednesday for class of 2017 seniors across the state.

The department touted an increase in scores for the fourth-straight year.

See the tables below to view scores by schools and by parish. Note that only public-school scores are included.

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