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LSU students navigate campus between classes Tuesday afternoon, February 18, 2020, in Baton Rouge, La.

Louisiana college students choosing to sit out the fall semester due to coronavirus concerns will have to ask for an exception for any aid received from the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students, or be at risk of losing it. 

Filling out a TOPS exception form with the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance, however, will not guarantee that it will be approved, according to a WWL Radio report

Dr. Sujuan Boutte, LOSFA director, told WWL Radio that approval of an exception relies on a student's ability to provide documentation of being affected by COVID-19.

The LOSFA's site lists several examples of a proper excuse, including if a student or person in their household has underlying conditions that make them particularly vulnerable to the infectious disease, if a student has anxiety related to contracting COVID-19 and more. 

“Just because you file an exception does not mean it is going to be approved, that very much is dependent upon whether the student is able to provide the documentation required,” Boutte said.

Students who wish to avoid in-person classes but remain eligible for TOPS also have the option of using the aid to attend online classes or a school's hybrid learning program.

Read WWL Radio's full report here, and check out the LOSFA's frequently asked questions for fall 2020 here.