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Students board the school bus for the last time for a month because of K-12 school closings until April 13 at the BRCVPA School Friday March 13, 2020, in Baton Rouge, La. ORG XMIT: BAT2003131725220542

Though the future of traditional classrooms remains uncertain in the era of coronavirus, many Baton Rouge-area schools are planning to reopen in August.

Here's what has been announced in some local districts: 

East Baton Rouge Parish

The start of in-person classes will be delayed until at least Sept. 7, the school district announced Wednesday. Virtual learning will begin Aug. 10. 

The original plan was to begin a hybrid format on Aug. 6, with students attending class on alternating days in accordance with the first letter of their last name. New Orleans public schools announced a similar plan postponing in-person instruction until at least after Labor Day on Tuesday. 

East Baton Rouge Parish is the second largest school district in Louisiana with over 41,000 students.

Ascension Parish

The start of school is was postponed from Aug. 5 until Aug. 10 and classes will be dismissed an hour early for the first week of school. 

Elementary school students will attend school four days during the first week and all five days beginning Aug. 15. Middle school and high school students will have an alternating schedule where half of the students attend one day and the other half learn online. 

Individual schools will contact families with more information about their child's schedule. 

Livingston Parish  

Livingston Parish schools will begin the year on Aug. 7 with hybrid learning for older students and in-person classes for students in pre-K to 2nd grade.

Older students will be divided into an A or B group to attend school on Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday, or Tuesday, Thursday and every other Friday. 

A 100% online option was announced Thursday for families concerned about returning to campus amid a pandemic. Students who choose this option must commit for a full grading period, which is either 9 weeks or half year depending on the grade level. 

Diocese of Baton Rouge

All Catholic schools in Baton Rouge will resume in-person learning in August. Reopening dates for individual schools are available on

Officials said it would be ideal for students to return to classrooms so they may develop social relationships, but Catholic schools will consider solutions for individual situations if a need arises. 

The diocese's schools have been consulting with Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center to determine logistics for a safe return. 

Tangipahoa Parish

In-person and virtual options will be available when school returns Aug. 12, regardless of coronavirus statistics. Students attending virtual classes will still be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities but must pass periodic learning assessments. Superintendent Melissa Stilley envisions virtual and hybrid options will be available for the foreseeable future

Tangipahoa Parish serves around 20,000 students.

Central School System

Elementary and middle schools are scheduled to proceed with physical learning as scheduled on Aug. 6, according to a tentative reopening plan released by the Central public schools system Tuesday. Central High will take a different format - students will attend campus two days a week and spend the other three days in virtual classrooms.

Central is also expanding its virtual program from grades 6-12 to grades K-12. Elementary and middle-schoolers will be taught online by Central teachers, while high schoolers will learn through Edgenuity, a commercial online platform. Students who choose remote learning are asked to commit to that format for the entire semester. 

Central has about 4,800 students enrolled at six schools.

West Baton Rouge Parish

Schools will begin the first phase of return Aug. 6.

  • Phase 1: All students will receive remote instruction.
  • Phase 2: Grades from headstart to sixth grade will receive in-person instruction, while middle schoolers and high schoolers operate on a hybrid schedule. Half of the older students will attend school on Monday and Wednesday, while the other half go on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Phase 3: All students will return to campus with some precautions. Face coverings are to be worn by staff and students third grade and above, and temperatures will be checked daily.

The WBR Virtual Academy will be available all year for students who are unable to return to campus. WBR Parish serves 3,882 students at 10 public schools.

Zachary School System  

All 5,600 of the district's students will begin alternating days of in-person classes and remote learning. One group of students will attend classes Mondays and Wednesdays while the other groups attends Tuesdays and Thursdays. All students will work online Fridays. 

The schools pushed back their start date from Aug 6. to Aug. 10 in preparation for the changes. The situation will be reevaluated around Labor Day, officials said. 

State guidelines issued June 25 recommend masks be worn at all times by adults and students third grade and above "to the maximum extent possible."