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Cecilia Broussard.

When Cecilia Broussard gets home after a long day of teaching kindergarten at IDEA Innovation, a Baton Rouge charter school, figuring out what’s for dinner is the last thing she wants to do.

“I come home extremely tired a lot, so it can be definitely be draining to cook,” she said.

That burden grew much easier on Tuesday when she learned that she will receive free, ready-to-cook meals delivered to her home for the rest of the 2019-20 school year. San Francisco-based meal-delivery company Sun Basket selected 10 teachers, including her, out of 450 nominated across the country, for the special honor.

Broussard shifted from an office job to teaching in 2017 and has taught at IDEA Innovation since it opened 13 months ago. She said her mother nominated her after seeing the Treat Your Teacher contest advertised online.

Sun Basket specializes in healthy, “farm-to-table” meals that are easy to make, and the company will soon send Broussard three of them a week until the end of May.

“My refrigerator is pretty bare,” she admitted. “My roommate is looking forward to it because we both drag our feet when it comes to grocery shopping.”

While she likes to cook on occasion, she comes from “a family of really good cooks” who often send her home with leftovers. Nevertheless, she’s curious at the healthier fare that Sun Basket will send her way.

She said she may bring some of it to school for her kindergartners. A few are adventurous. And even the picky eaters may be willing to try.

“My kids tell me that they are hungry pretty much all day,” Broussard said.

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