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File photo of LSU Tigers fans

After an LSU student was accused of shouting racial slurs against three other students during a football game last month, the university is investigating, according to a report from NBC News.

One of the students involved, Christy Nguyen, tweeted that a male student yelled "Get the f--k out Ching chongs" at her and two other students. Nguyen and the two other students with her are Vietnamese Americans and natives of Baton Rouge.

LSU's Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Mari Fuentes-Martin told The Reveille and NBC News that the university received a report about the incident and they have been meeting with the students involved.

"The language and words used in this incident do not reflect who we are as a university and the welcoming environment we have created for students of all backgrounds," Fuentes-Martin told NBC News in a prepared statement.

Nguyen said the slurs came late in the second quarter of the Georgia Southern game. Nearly everyone around the group froze. One other student consoled them and gave them a picture of the man shouting the slurs.

“LSU has never expressed any doubt that the situation took place to us,” Nguyen told The Advocate.

The university declined to name the students to NBC News.

"The university is committed to maintaining a safe living and learning environment that embraces individual differences and values cultural inclusion," Fuentes-Martin told NBC News. "Regarding potential discipline or violations that could result from this investigation, we cannot discuss or disclose anything pertaining to an individual student as that is part of a student’s federally protected educational record."

Read the full NBC News report here.

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