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A video posted on social media Tuesday of a Livingston Parish school bus speeding prompted the school district Wednesday to take unspecified action against the driver.

“We have followed the proper procedures, and we have addressed it with this employee,” said Superintendent Joe Murphy.

Murphy wouldn’t specify what disciplinary action was taken or whether the driver is still working for the school system.

“We are of course concerned about the safety of the children,” he said.

The video, which was obtained Wednesday by WBRZ, shows an unnamed male truck driver following the bus along LA 411, north of Holden, as it made stops early Tuesday morning. To show how fast the bus is going, the driver follows at a steady distance, showing his own speedometer. throughout. At one point, the speedometer hits 75 mph; the speed limit is 55 mph, the truck driver says on the video.

Murphy said no one alerted the school system before the video was posted online. He said it’s not the first time his staff has learned about speeding bus drivers this way.

“We have had video on social media before,” he said.

While an apparent traffic violation, Murphy said since the only evidence is the video the matter is being handled internally and is not being referred to law enforcement.