parkview neck

LSU students brought back a vulgar chant last weekend, and Baton Rouge high school students followed suit from the stands of a volleyball game.

A video captured students singing the five-word chorus during a rendition of "Neck" as Parkview Baptist hosted St. Michael. The chant urges the opponent to perform oral sex on LSU's tiger mascot. 

A large crowd was on hand as the two rival schools faced off. After the slightly muffled chant, oohs and laughter could be heard through the gymnasium. 

Warning, the video below contains vulgar language. Can't see video below? Click here.

The LSU Athletic Department once banned the band’s rendition of Cameo’s and Dem Franchize Boyz’s “Talkin’ Out Da Side of Ya Neck” in 2010 after the student section replaced the original lyric, “Oh oh talkin’ out the side of your neck,” with a sexually vulgar line. The line not only was heard throughout the stadium but broadcast on nationally televised games.

LSU coach Ed Orgeron earlier this season said he likes the song, but not what comes with it.

"You know that's not my business," the coach said in response. "But I kind of like the song. I don't like some of the words of it, I gotta say that. I don't. I like the tune. I think it gets everybody fired up."

The band brought the song back in 2013 and has since been selective in performing it. The student section proved on Saturday that won't stop that well-known chant, however. 

Fans could be heard loudly yelling the vulgar, five-word chant over a different song as LSU faced off with Georgia at Tiger Stadium.