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Shrubbery spells out 'SOUTHERN,' with A.W. Mumford football stadium in background, at entrance to campus, Wed., Nov. 16, 2017.

As state officials attempt to minimize the impact of the anticipated $1 billion deficit to funding for the upcoming fiscal year, Southern University and A&M College System President Ray Belton, Ph.D., urged the legislature to be expedient in determining cuts to higher education so universities may plan accordingly. 

"If Southern loses," he said, "our state loses."

Belton asked officials to consider the economic impact the university has on the state, as well as its graduation rate of 2,400 students per year.

"Budget cuts at this time could erode much of the recent progress we have made in academics, and the positive impacts we have had on our cities and this state," Belton writes. "These cuts would also add to the perplexity of underfunded mandated costs that these institutions are required to cover."

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