House for the LSU chapter of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, seen Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017.

Pi Kappa Phi has joined the growing list of Greek organizations at LSU that are in hot water for violating university policy.

The Greek organization was put on interim suspension in October for a "social event that was not in compliance with the Greek Life Status Update dated Oct. 4, 2017."

LSU did not immediately respond to questions about the details of the violation.

The Oct. 4 update that Pi Kappa Phi violated was a memo to Greek students lifting the ban on social events with alcohol. But it required fraternities and sororities to attend Risk Management Policy and Social Event Training in order to participate. It also required each chapter to sign a Greek Life Risk Management Compliance Statement.

It also banned pledge activities including "new member required study hours and study groups," overnight retreats, and forcing pledges to serve as designated drivers and to do house chores.

The ban on all Greek Life activities was enacted immediately after the death of LSU freshman Maxwell Gruver, an 18-year-old from Roswell, Georgia. Gruver's death has been attributed by law enforcement to alcohol poisoning after being forced to drink liquor during a hazing event at the Phi Delta Theta house.

Events with alcohol for Greek organizations were allowed to resume on Oct. 12 — a day before Pi Kappa Phi's alleged violation — in exchange for the compliance with the new training.

LSU President F. King Alexander previously said in an interview that a handful of fraternities did not complete the training.

Shortly after lifting the alcohol ban, Alexander reversed course and reinstated it through at least January 2018. He said it became clear that some students weren't taking the situation seriously and maintaining the status quo.

Pi Kappa Phi is the same fraternity of a pledge at Florida State University who died over the weekend after a fraternity party. FSU has since temporarily shut down all Greek Life activities.

FSU makes the third high profile case, in addition to LSU and Penn State University, where a fraternity pledge has died this year.

Out of 27 fraternities at LSU, six have been removed from campus and seven are not on some form of probation or suspension. Of the sororities, only one is removed from campus and one is on probation.

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