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LSU's live mascot MikeVII takes advantage of the cooling rock inside his habitat on June 30, 2018.

Mike the Tiger is not a pet. Mike the Tiger is not a pet. 

He may be a wild animal, but that doesn't mean he can't get pet -- but always through a fence.

Nick Fleissner, a third-year student at LSU's veterinary school, is one of Mike VII's caretakers. Fleissner, along with another student, won the Mike the Tiger Student Caretaker Scholarship last year. Caring for the tiger includes everything from ensuring Mike stays healthy to putting out scents in the habitat to promote physical activity. 

"The biggest misconception people have is that we treat Mike like a pet," Fleissner said in a Facebook video posted by the LSU Foundation. "We respect him as a wild animal, so we don't take any chances. There's always a fence between us."

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