Cleanup following 1982 train derailment in Livingston near an end _lowres

Advocate file photo -- This is a 1982 file photo of workers in Livingston washing off toxic chemicals of their protective suits before they can leave the crash site of the Illinois Central rail derailment in Livingston.

Some of Baton Rouge's spring cleaning may involve the disposal of potentially dangerous chemicals found in common household goods.

The city-parish will host a special collection day to receive such goods next Saturday, March 10.

That includes: fertilizers, pool chemicals, insecticides, pesticides, gasoline, cleaning products, oil and latex, paint products, automobile tires and fluids, cooking oil, fluorescent lights, batteries and electronics.

However the city-parish cannot receive on hazmat day such items as: ammunition, explosives, radioactive devices like smoke detectors, large gas cylinders such as helium, acetylene or Freon, Styrofoam peanuts, school lab waste, fire extinguishers, white goods, furniture, copiers, construction and demolition debris, asbestos-containing building materials, and biomedical hazardous materials.

The city-parish is also only accepting waste from residences — not businesses — inside East Baton Rouge.

Residents may bring their materials to Memorial Stadium between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Liquids should be in closed, labeled containers of five gallons or less.

Over the past 28 years, parish residents have safely disposed of more than three million pounds of hazardous materials on collection days, according to a city-parish news release. Such events prevent dangerous goods from making their way into the air, water and soil.

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