Politics blog: Jindal comments on Ferguson, Politico reports _lowres

Associated Press photo by MELINDA DESLATTE -- Gov. Bobby Jindal

In an op-ed column on Fox News' website Monday morning, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal criticizes President Obama for how he has handled radical Islamac terrorists.

Later during a news conference outside the White House, Jindal remarked: "The president (Obama) really has disqualified himself of being our commander in chief because he not only will identify this threat, but (he will not) take the steps necessary to defeat this threat."

Jindal's official Twitter account is promoting the opinion piece that states "Our president cannot admit the problem of Radical Islamic terrorism, so he cannot possibly hope to fix it."

Jindal goes on to say America needs a leader who will criticize Americans less and spend more time "hunting terrorists down and killing them."

Jindal's think tank, America Next, also promoted the op-ed in an email blast to the media Monday morning.

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