With no well-funded challengers to his re-election bid, Gov. Bobby Jindal is using his campaign fund to help candidates in other races.

Jindal wrote $190,500 in checks to other candidates, mostly legislators, between July 15 and Sept. 12.

The expenditures are listed on the campaign finance report he filed Friday with the Louisiana Board of Ethics for the Oct. 22 primary.

The report is available at http://www.ethics.state.la.us/.

Jindal submitted the detailing of his campaign’s contributions and expenses ahead of the Sept. 22 deadline.

The report shows that in nearly two months the campaign:

• Collected $444,180.28 in contributions.

• Spent $1.5 million.

• Has $7.7 million on hand in the weeks leading up to the election.

Jindal, a Republican, drew nine challengers to his bid for a second term. However, none has significant financial backing.

Although he is spending money on campaign commercials touting his first term in office, Jindal also is focusing on electing more conservatives to the Legislature.

Jindal is concentrating as well on the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, which will pick the state’s next education superintendent. So far, he has been unable to draw the votes he needs on the board for his pick as superintendent.

Jindal’s campaign earlier this week released a list of the governor’s endorsements in the upcoming elections.

The governor’s campaign gave $2,500 to legislators or legislative candidates whom Jindal backs.

BESE members or candidates supported by the governor each received $5,000.

Jindal also is raising money through the Louisiana Republican Party’s Victory Fund to generate dollars for conservative candidates. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is headlining a fundraiser in Baton Rouge later this month for the fund.

In his gubernatorial campaign, Jindal’s biggest expenses over nearly two months were advertising and payroll with the categories totaling more than $730,000.

He spent $54,000 on political consultants and $36,150 on focus groups.

Other candidates for governor have yet to file their latest campaign finance reports.