About 125 protesters gathered on the State Capitol steps Saturday to rally supporting President Barack Obama’s efforts to create more jobs and increase taxes on the nation’s very rich.

“We need jobs, not cuts,” said Julie Cherry, Secretary-Treasurer of the Louisiana AFL-CIO, echoing the name of the rally sponsored by MoveOn.org and Baton Rouge labor organizations.

Cherry said the theory that cutting taxes for the rich would trickle down to workers in the form of more and higher paying jobs has proven false.

“We’ve been trickled on enough,” Cherry said.

The crowd chanted, “1, 2, 3, 4 pay your taxes like the poor.”

Larry Klein, a tourist from New Jersey, had stopped with his wife to visit the State Capitol, then joined the protest. He took the microphone and said, “The tea parties had their chance. Now we have our chance.”

Ed Behan, of MoveOn.org’s local chapter, said this rally was organized before the “Occupy Wall Street protests.” He asked the protestors to return to the Capitol steps next Saturday for a Baton Rouge version of “Occupy Wall Street” protest.