Just three months into his first term in office, the hens are coming home to roost for Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards — but that’s not just a metaphor.

Edwards, a Democrat who was sworn in on Jan. 11, has set up a chicken coop on the lawn of the Governors Mansion and now has “16 lovely hens” living there.

Edwards, who held a press conference to mark his 100th day in office on Tuesday, said he won’t be getting a rooster, joking about noise concerns for his neighbors. He paid for the hen coop with his own money.

“Hopefully they will be laying some eggs shortly,” said Edwards, who represented rural Amite in the state House for eight years before being elected last fall.

The Governor’s Mansion was built in 1963 under Democrat Jimmie Davis’s administration near the state Capitol. The Mansion, which overlooks Capitol Lake, also has a tennis court, swimming pool and vegetable garden on the grounds.

Edwards said the chickens were put in a prominent spot so that schoolchildren who visit the mansion can see them.

A Baton Rouge city ordinance limits residents to three chickens per acre in residential areas. The Governor’s Mansion sits on about eight acres, so Edwards said he’s in compliance.

Leaders in Virginia and Illinois have also erected chicken coops on the grounds of Governors Mansions in those states.