Fox News’ Megyn Kelly challenged Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on his suggestion that those who support “radical Islam” should be banned from the United States.

Pressed by Kelly on live television Wednesday night, Jindal repeatedly said “radical Islam” relegates women to second-class citizen status.

Muslim groups have criticized Jindal’s frequent comments on the threat of “radical Islam” as “fear mongering,” particularly after his speech in Washington, D.C., earlier this week.

“There are those who want to use our freedoms to undermine the freedoms of others,” Jindal said on The Kelly Files. “It makes no sense to let those types of folks come into our country.”

But Kelly pointed to freedom of religion and asked who would decide when someone is “radical” or how far into Islamic law someone would need to believe before being banned.

“This is a country with lots of crazy beliefs,” Kelly said. “Actually, some religions continue to treat women as second-class citizens. It’s not just some forms of Islam. Are we going to start banning everybody who doesn’t treat women or children or criminals, for that matter, the way we like?”

Jindal argued that he supports assimilation and thinks that immigrants should believe in American exceptionalism, a callback to his recent remarks against what he has termed “hyphenated Americans.”

Watch the full discussion via Fox News.