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A shelf cloud rolls behind the Louisiana State Capitol, caused by thunderstorm outflow, as storms move into the metro area, Thursday afternoon, July 13, 2017, in Baton Rouge, La.

Today in The Rundown: NFL's Roger Goodell responds to Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards; Ethics Board set to reconsider child care request; AG Jeff Landry spars with former campaign worker in court; and everything else you need to know in Louisiana politics today.

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The Countdown…

Days until the start of the legislative session: 55

Days until election day: 242

The News

Saints: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell responded to a recent blistery letter from Gov. John Bel Edwards about the missed call during the NFC Championship game. Read his full letter here:

Campaign finance: The state Ethics Board is scheduled to take up this week an appeal of their ruling that candidates can't use campaign funds for child care.

LALege: House Republican leadership has once again rejected advice from the states' economists and blocked an attempt to increase the state's revenue outlook, which means Gov. John Bel Edwards won't have the projected boost to help fund his proposed pay raises for teachers when he reveals his executive budget plan next month.

Campaign in court: A dispute between Attorney General Jeff Landry and a former campaign worker is heating up, with the two tussling in court over what the operative claims is an unpaid debt of between $175,000 and $250,000 from Landry’s 2015 campaign.

LSU: An audit has revealed that Coach Ed Orgeron was paid a $10,000 relocation stipend that wasn't in his multi-million-dollar coaching contract. Here's more from the review of the LSU athletics budget.

Courts: A Baton Rouge lawyer who pleaded guilty in federal court in 2017 to forwarding videos of boys engaging in sexual acts with donkeys was suspended Monday for a year and a day by the state Supreme Court.

SOTU: In his State of the Union address last week, President Donald Trump proclaimed a goal of ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic in a decade. Here's what that could mean for Louisiana and efforts are already underway here.

Taxes: The Louisiana Tax Commission's top administrator has resigned amid accusations that he collected pay for hundreds of hours he actually spent playing golf, shopping, receiving spa treatments and engaging in similar personal activities.

Universities: A set of audits out Monday show where athletic budgets for Southern University, Southeastern and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette ended the year.

ICYMI: Everyone knows about the Louisiana Purchase, but it was the oft-forgotten 200-year-old "Florida Purchase" that gave Louisiana its distinct shape.

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