Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump drew a few snickers this week when he made a reference to “Two Corinthians” in the Bible, instead of the more commonly stated “Second Corinthians.” But now the reality TV star says that former Louisiana state Rep. Tony Perkins is to blame for the gaffe.

Trump told CNN’s Don Lemon that Perkins, who serves as president of the Family Research Council and splits his time between Washington and Louisiana, gave him notes on what to say when he spoke to evangelical Liberty University in Virginia.

“Tony Perkins wrote that out for me — he actually wrote out ‘2,’ he wrote out the number ‘2’ Corinthians,” Trump told CNN. “I took exactly what Tony said, and I said, ‘Well Tony has to know better than anybody.'”

Perkins, one of the founders of the Louisiana Family Forum, earned his master’s from LSU. In 2013, former Gov. Bobby Jindal, who dropped his own run for the GOP presidential nomination in November, appointed Perkins to the Louisiana Law Enforcement Commission.

Perkins unsuccessfully ran for U.S. Senate in Louisiana in 2002 andreportedly considered another run in 2014 or possibly this fall.