Advocate Capitol news bureau Editor Mark Ballard weighs in on tonight’s final televised U.S. Senate debate.

Here are five of Ballard’s big takeaways from the hour-long debate:

1) Cassidy responded to Landrieu’s questions about his part-time job with LSU by criticizing Landrieu’s use of charter planes. He says he has provided good services and has put in the necessary hours despite what the records show. “That is a blatant lie,” Landrieu replied. Cassidy says Landrieu twisted around his comments.

Moderator kept moving the candidates away from those issues.

2) Cassidy blasts away on Obamacare. Landrieu responded, “If he didn’t have this issue to talk about, he wouldn’t have any issue to talk about.”

3) On reforming taxes, Landrieu says the Republicans keep cutting programs and taxes for the rich. More money needs to be added to the pot. Cassidy responds that federal government should do away with exemptions and loops but lower rates.

4) Landrieu: allow drug testing welfare recipients, but it has to be allocated fairly and across all who receive government subsidies. Focusing only on welfare recipients, “It’s just not right.” Cassidy: Not drug testing enables some of them to continue in a self destructive life. That’s unfair to hardworking taxpayers.

5) Cassidy, who is considered the leader in the race, had to avoid a misstep. He did. Landrieu landed several solid shots – on welfare drug testing, on Cassidy’s part-time LSU job, on the defense of her support of the Affordable Care Act – but didn’t get in a knock-out blow. What did you think?