Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is profiled inthe latest issue of The Economist as part of the British weekly’s series on possible candidates for the White House in 2016.

Jindal has been flirting with a run for president, though he has made no official announcement.

The Economist’s takeaway: If he does run, Jindal “has neither a famous name nor deep pockets” so he’s looking for a way to stand out among the crowded field of potential contenders for the GOP’s nomination.

“He has to make conservatives who have not yet heard of him fall in love with him. That means offering them plenty of red meat,” it reads.

The Economist’s Democracy in America blog also features a fuller transcript and video of its interview with Jindal that touches on Katrina recovery, the state’s business climate and the federal Affordable Care Act.

The interview took place before Jindal unveiled his recommendations for the state budget next year, but he mentions tax credit reform as a component of it.

Read the Jindal profile here. Watch the video of his interview and read the transcript here.