Former Gov. Bobby Jindal has never been shy at blaming President Barack Obama for all sorts of ills. Add the creation of Donald Trump to the list Jindal wrote Friday in The Wall Street Journal.

“There would be no Donald Trump, dominating the political scene today if it were not for President Obama,” Jindal wrote in an opinion piece.

The two-term Louisiana governor has been campaigning with Trump rival Marco Rubio, the U.S. Senator from Florida who many in the Republican establishment are hoping will trip up the electoral juggernaut towards the GOP presidential nomination by brash New York City reality television star.

The professorial Obama came to the presidency after plain spoken President George W. Bush’s and Hurricane Katrina, Jindal writes.

Obama complains about increasing partisan divides, Jindal wrote in The Wall Street Journal. “He has created the very rancor he now rails against,” Jindal wrote.

Jindal goes on to criticize Obama for a stimulus bill that didn’t include tax cuts and infrastructure spending; for passing the healthcare revamp on a partisan vote; and for “petulantly relying on executive orders, and using an eraser and whiteout on the Constitution…

“Without President Obama, there is no Donald Trump. Mr. Trump often diagnoses the ills Mr. Obama has caused, but his prescriptions are just as often wrong,” Jindal concludes.

Jindal, who has previously called Trump a “narcissist,” has criticized U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, another Trump GOP rival, as an “enabler” who pumped up Trump’s candidacy. “Other candidates have been more than willing to make that case, and I think Ted has been much more silent,” Jindal told The Texas Tribune — a member-supported news website — in October.

Since that interview, Jindal dropped his bid for the Republican presidential nomination and Cruz has become one of Trump’s loudest critics.

Trump, Rubio, Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich meet Saturday in Louisiana’s presidential preference primary. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, face off in the Democratic primary.

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