House Speaker Jim Tucker said Gov. Bobby Jindal asked Republican legislators Wednesday not to override his planned veto of a cigarette tax renewal.

The governor’s press secretary, Kyle Plotkin, confirmed that Jindal met with the GOP delegation but declined to give any details on what the governor said about the renewal.

House Bill 591 would prevent the state tax from being lowered on a pack of 20 cigarettes. Four cents of the 36-cent tax are set to expire June 30, 2012.

The bill is before the governor, who is vowing to veto it. He has said it is a tax increase.

It would take 70 votes in the House and 26 votes in the Senate to overturn the governor’s veto.

The House passed the measure with the two-thirds vote and the Senate topped it.

Tucker, R-Terrytown, said the House will allow the Senate to vote first on the override.

“There are many out there, including me, who don’t relish overriding the governor. But we have constituents to represent,” he said.