Neither Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter nor Democratic state Rep. John Bel Edwards has courted Gov. Bobby Jindal’s endorsement, but both had comments to make when he announced Tuesday that he’s suspending his presidential campaign.

Louisiana voters will decide Saturday which of the two men will succeed Jindal in January.

“Whether you agree with his politics or not, Bobby took on a great challenge of running to serve this nation at the highest level,” Vitter said in an email. “I’m sure Bobby is looking forward to spending time with his family.”

Vitter has spent the past several months distancing himself from policies of Jindal’s administration. Their icy relationship has been well documented, so his comment was remarkably restrained.

Meanwhile, Edwards, who has served as the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, took the news as opportunity to take aim at both Jindal and Vitter.

“The people of Iowa and New Hampshire have come to know what we know: Bobby Jindal’s failed policies, the ones that would be continued and expanded by David Vitter, are about promoting self interest over the common interest,” he said via statement. “David Vitter would be Bobby Jindal on steroids. Saturday we will end the Jindal era for good and finally put Louisiana First.”