The Advocate posted an article online Wednesday night reporting that the Louisiana Republican Party was raising dollars by attacking Gov. John Bel Edwards for tax hikes during the just-completed special session — even though a majority of Republicans in both the House and the Senate voted for the two major tax measures that became law and even though a Republican sponsored one of them.

“It’s all on John Bel Edwards,” Jason Doré, the party’s executive director, told The Advocate.

“Wow,” responded Times-Picayune columnist JR Ball to Doré’s comment. “Talk about an alternative reality.”

“In fact, majorities of both parties wound up supporting a temporary sales tax increase and other revenue-raising measures,” pointed out Advocate columnist Stephanie Grace in a response of her own Thursday.

The Advocate news story and the two columnists’ comments, in turn, prompted a response from Doré on Thursday.

He sent out another email appeal for contributors to send the party $5.

“The press believes that you should accept these tax increases,” reads his latest email. “We don’t work for the media elite. We work for the people of Louisiana.”

Actually, Ball and Grace argued that the state Republican Party was guilty of hypocrisy.

“Glaringly misleading,” Grace called the Republican fundraising appeal.

“Stay ‘crassy,’ my fellow Republicans,” wrote Ball.

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