Katie Bernhardt, (copy)

Katie Bernhardt, of Lafayette, chairperson of the Louisiana Democratic Party, blasted the role of Louisiana's congressional delegation and other GOP leaders in Wednesday's uprising in the nation's Capitol.

Katie Bernhardt, the chairperson of the Louisiana Democratic Party, criticized members of the state's congressional delegation Thursday for what she called their role in the storming of the U. S. Capitol that delayed certification of President-elect Joe Biden's victory.

Bernhardt, in remarks on the steps of the state capitol, called for "all of the members of our federal delegation to cease in any and all actions that have already and could continue to contribute to more acts of insurrections, violence and harm to our federal security and our nation's global standing."

"Now is the time for Republicans in our own state to own their own role in inciting violence at our nation's Capitol," she said.

"That means more than saying that they disagree with the action of the terrorists that attacked our democracy yesterday."

Five of the six members of Louisiana's Republican congressional delegation sided with President Donald Trump in his bid to stop Biden from becoming the nation's next president during what is normally a routine tabulation of electoral votes from the Nov. 3 election.

U. S. Sen. Bill Cassidy, of Baton Rouge, supported the election results during the two votes taken Wednesday night.

Cassidy and others in the delegation have since issued statements condemning the violence that ensued when pro-Trump protesters got past security guards and forced the count to halt for hours.

"I'm speaking directly to the leadership of the Louisiana GOP," Bernhardt said.

"The fact that Congress has finally certified the results of this election is not a free pass for those officials who knowingly incited the terrorists that attacked our Capitol yesterday."

Bernhardt noted that Trump carried Louisiana by about 400,000 votes in the November contest.

"We accepted the results  because we trust in the election system," she said.

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