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U.S. Attorney David Joseph 

WASHINGTON — David Joseph, the U.S. attorney who recently prosecuted a former Louisiana state prison warden and the warden's ex-wife in an elaborate scheme using public funds for personal purchases, has been nominated to the federal bench.

Joseph, a graduate of the LSU Law School who is currently U.S. Attorney for Louisiana's western district, has been picked to fill an Alexandria court seat that's been vacant since 2017.

He has been a U.S. Attorney in the Western District since his confirmation in March 2018. He previously was assistant federal prosecutor.

Joseph recently successfully prosecuted Nate Cain, the former warden of Avoyelles Correctional Center, now Raymond Laborde Correctional Center. Cain ultimately was sentenced to three years and two months for each of the two counts of federal wire fraud that he pleaded guilty to in March, after he entered a guilty plea in the middle of the third day of a trial that had been dominated by damning testimony about his misuse of state credit cards.

Both of Louisiana's U.S. senators, who generally have significant pull in the judicial selection process and will ultimately vote on confirmation, praised the selection.

“David is smart and incredibly experienced. He is an ideal candidate for the U.S. District Court,” said U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, a Madisonville Republican who is on the Judiciary Committee that will get the first shot at vetting Joseph for the judicial post. “I look forward to working with him during the confirmation process.”

U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy said he looks "forward to his confirmation."

“David Joseph’s extensive experience and knowledge of the law make him a perfect nominee for the bench,” he said.

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