Louisiana First Lady Donna Edwards is working on a book, she acknowledged on Thursday, though details remain limited.

Edwards described her book as one that will come from “journaling along the way.”

She said she hopes it will offer insight into Gov. John Bel Edwards’ first term in office.

The First Lady had a news conference at the Governor’s Mansion ahead of Earth Day to announce a new recycling program that the Edwards’ have started at the state-owned mansion that overlooks Capitol Lake.

The recycling program marks the latest environmental effort that the Edwards have taken on since Gov. Edwards took office Jan. 11, and hints toward what could become an active platform for the new First Lady.

She said she’s still getting adjusted to life at the Mansion, but the former teacher said she is still hopes to make education a significant part of her work as First Lady.

“Art-music is one of the things that I’m still looking at and hoping to be part of the platform for me,” she said.

Other environmental efforts that the Edwards have undertaken so far have included a clean-up around the lake and urban farming efforts at the Governor’s Mansion, building a vegetable garden and a chicken coop in recent weeks that will help provide food for the Mansion.

Donna Edwards said the family has been recycling since her husband was stationed in Hawaii in the military in 1989.

“We’ve been recycling for a long time, and, as an educator and a teacher, I think it’s so important to teach our youth how important is to keep our communities, our homes and our state,” she said. “We just really believe we should lead by example.”

A large garden with tomatoes, greens, cucumbers and other fruits and vegetables has been planted on the Mansion grounds, and a chicken coop has been built to house 15 hens.

“Hopefully they will be laying some eggs shortly,” Gov. Edwards said earlier this week.

Donna Edwards said she is hoping to begin composting soon at the Mansion.

As for her book, Edwards was light on details and didn’t give any clues as to a timeline for the tome.

Former Gov. Bobby Jindal penned two books while in office, both mostly focused on politics.

Gov. Edwards, a Democrat, won last fall’s gubernatorial race against Republican rival U.S. Sen. David Vitter -- a feat that many thought to be nearly impossible in conservative Louisiana just a few months before Election Day.

And Donna Edwards was a visible fixture on the campaign trail and in campaign ads, as Edwards, a former state Representative from Amite, often stressed his personal story as a West Point cadet and Army Ranger.

One of the campaign’s most memorable ads focused on Edwards’ anti-abortion stance and featured Donna Edwards retelling the story of the couple’s decision to carry their first child to term after a doctor advised them to abort the pregnancy because the child would be born with spina bifida.

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