State Police gave an “all-clear” mid-afternoon Monday at a downtown state office building which had been evacuated earlier because of a bomb threat.

Commissioner of Administration Kristy Nichols announced the closure of the Claiborne Building in the State Capitol Complex shortly before noon Monday.

“There wasn’t much to it. We treated it like there was. All is clear and it’s all good,” said State Police Lt. J.B. Slaton.

Slaton said the bomb threat investigation will continue.

The Claiborne Building houses the Division of Administration as well as the state Department of Education and higher education offices.

The threat came into the Education Department offices sometime over the weekend, Division communications director Meghan Parrish said. State Police was contacted when Nichols and Superintendent of Education John White were made aware of it, she said.

Parrish said no specific time was given for when the threat would be delivered upon.

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