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La. Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser throws out some green and white beads, as he rides in Baton Rouge's 34th annual 'Wearin' of the Green' St. Patrick's Day parade, Saturday, March 16, 2019.

Welcome to Louisiana. Here's a pair of shrimp boots.

That was the message from Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser, who gifted visiting state lieutenant governors with the white footwear.

Nungesser Tweeted that the gift came years after he was gifted with a pair of cowboy boots while visiting Texas.

"A few years ago, Texas Lt. Governor @DanPatrick gave each lieutenant governor a beautiful pair of cowboy boots with our state seal," he said. "This morning I gave each lieutenant governor a pair of white shrimp boots and a sharpie and told them to draw their own state seal."

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The state officials are in New Orleans for the annual Republican Lieutenant Governors Conference.

Nungesser is no stranger to eccentric footwear.

For President Donald Trump's arrival, Nungesser donned a pair of Trump socks, complete with long flowing blonde hair.