Gov. Bobby Jindal reported Friday he had $3.8 million sitting in his campaign account.

State Treasurer John Kennedy had $2.3 million in his political campaign war chest at the end of 2012 — the most of any statewide elected official other than the governor.

Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne reported having $717,800 in cash on hand after raising more than $825,000 last year.

Kennedy and Dardenne have been frequently mentioned as potential candidates for governor in 2015.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Buddy Caldwell had just over $400,000 in his campaign account.

Other statewide officials numbers paled in comparison, with Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon reporting $50,380 in his campaign account; Secretary of State Tom Schedler, $19,500; and state Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain, who closed out the past election account, zero. He filed another report later in day.

The statewide elected officials reported 2012 contributions and expenditures in campaign finance reports due Friday.

Jindal, who cannot seek re-election in 2015, reported $1.3 million in contributions during the first year of his current term. He started the year with $3.9 million and spent $1.4 million during the year, according to the report filed with the state ethics agency. His campaign paid for political consultants, inauguration expenses, staff payroll, air travel and direct marketing among other things.

Jindal political consultant Timmy Teepell said dollars in the account “would be used for political travel and political expenses” during the coming year.

Kennedy said he has “not thought that far ahead” about the governor’s race.

“I’ll be on the ballot in the next election and that’s about as far as I’ve gotten,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy raised $579,500 during 2012 — adding to a campaign account stood at $1.9 million at the end of 2011. He reported $151,688 in expenditures last year.

“It takes a lot of money to run for office. You always have to assume you are going to have a challenger,” said Kennedy, who noted he has been outspoken on a lot of issues that could bring opponents.

Dardenne said he’s pleased with where he stands in his campaign account at the end of 2012. “I’ve had to raise money three years in a row. I’ve raised more than $4 million but had to spend a lot of it” in back-to-back lieutenant governor races.

On a governor’s race potential, Dardenne said: “I’m gauging interest. It’s been very encouraging ... I’m hoping it’s going to be continuing this year.”

Dardenne’s campaign contributors include supporters who have pledged to give and/or raise the maximum $5,000 campaign contribution.

Initial contributions by the group known as the Jaywalkers are reported on the 2012 report. The contributors have pledged an additional $434,000 in contributions prior to the 2015 elections.

Dardenne reported spending $161,278 during 2012.

Attorney General Caldwell’s campaign finance report shows that he raised $14,800 in contributions and spent $68,939 during the year. He has a little less in his account than the $460,500 he had at the end of 2011 election year.

Secretary of State Schedler’s report shows he raised about $10,000 last year and spent $6,295.

Insurance Commissioner Donelon received about $18,000 in contributions and spent $29,670.