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Days until session ends: 2

Days until the 2015 primary election day: 137

Days until the runoff (as needed): 165

Today is Gov. Bobby Jindal’s 44th Birthday. Send him a birthday message here: http://bit.ly/1IDzWDh via Twitter.

The News

Budget crunch: The state House and Senate remained at a standoff Tuesday over next year’s $24 billion state budget, with all signs pointing to a final showdown Thursday, when the legislative session ends at 6 p.m. http://bit.ly/1FHLK18

Transportation: Five bills that would provide modest aid to state road and bridges easily won final legislative approval Tuesday.http://bit.ly/1FHJln5

Common Core: The seemingly endless legislative fight over Common Core ended quietly Tuesday. http://bit.ly/1FHJEhL

Cigarette tax: The House and Senate will have to hash out their differences over the proposed tobacco tax hike.http://bit.ly/1IDF5eC

Contracts: With little discussion, the Louisiana House agreed Tuesday that legislators should have a greater say in the contracts the governor’s administration enter to privatize government services. http://bit.ly/1IDFddW

Tuition: Louisiana’s higher education institutions still have a slim chance of gaining some control over how much they charge for tuition and fees, but time is winding down. http://bit.ly/1FHJiHX

EITC: The Louisiana Senate has again rejected a proposed doubling of the earned income tax credit. http://bit.ly/1FHJdUS

COLA: Lawmakers are calling on Gov. Bobby Jindal to reconsider his threat to veto a cost-of-living raise this year for 130,000 retired state employees and teachers. http://bit.ly/1FHJozu

LSU: Provost Stuart Bell is set to become the next president of the University of Alabama. http://bit.ly/1FHJBm2

House visitors: A special guest visited the Louisiana Capitol on Tuesday — Thomas Jefferson! http://bit.ly/1FHMuDv


House and Senate come in at 9 a.m.

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