A pair of reality television show stars were accorded near rock-star status Tuesday in the House and Senate.

Troy Landry, an alligator hunter and one of the stars of “Swamp People,” was introduced to the Senate by state Sen. Rob Marionneaux, D-Grosse Tete.

The show, which appears on The History Channel, chronicles Landry and others hunting alligators in the Atchafalaya Basin.

Billy Bretherton, who is the star of “Billy the Exterminator” on A&E TV, got a similar reception moments before Landry was introduced.

That show documents how Billy and others in his pest control company get rid of snakes, bees and critters pestering homeowners.

Landry, who lives in Pierre Part, was quickly surrounded by legislators, aides and pages seeking autographs and a chance to have their pictures taken with him.

He hollered his signature phrase, “Choot ’em,” at a legislator’s urging.

In the House, Speaker Jim Tucker struggled to regain the lawmakers’ attention.

He twice asked Landry and his crowd of fans to move outside the House chamber so the House could return to business.

Landry is related to a House member.

“I’m actually his second cousin. His grandma and my grandma were sisters,” said state Rep. Karen St. Germain, D-Pierre Part.

Landry capped off his tour of the State Capitol by visiting with Gov. Bobby Jindal.

“He was a character,” the governor said of the alligator hunter.

Jindal quipped that he would hate to be the boy who eventually dates Landry’s young granddaughters.

Bretherton was introduced by state Sen. Robert Adley, R-Benton, which is where the pest control firm is based.

Adley told the Senate he used the firm, with great success.

“In my case I had an opossum get in the house and made residence up there in one of the guest restrooms,” he said later.

“We just kept hearing something move around in the middle of the night for three or four days and finally called them,” Adley said.

“They came and within a day’s time they had him,” he said.