One of every two adults in Louisiana do volunteer work in their communities, according to a new statewide survey released Tuesday by Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne.

And the survey found that 62 percent of the people who volunteer did so because people asked for their help, Dardenne said.

“People with particular needs ought not be bashful about asking for assistance,” Dardenne said at a news conference launching a campaign aimed at boosting the numbers of Louisiana volunteers.

The new survey Dardenne cited was commissioned by Volunteer Louisiana and conducted by LSU’s Public Policy Research Lab. The April telephone survey involved 720 people from 216 cities and all 64 parishes.

“Volunteers are found throughout the state,” Dardenne said.

Among its findings were that:

• 51 percent of respondents age 18 and older volunteered in the past year and more than 85 percent said they would continue to volunteer in the next year.

• The percentage of men and women who volunteer was about the same.

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• Most people volunteer through an organization and most through a religious organization, which Dardenne said is “not a surprise.”

• The highest rate among volunteers was among 35- to 44-year-olds — 60 percent.

The campaign includes a semi-trailer that will be traveling Louisiana’s roadway as a “roaming billboard” with the “Show Us Your U” message encouraging people to volunteer.

In addition, the campaign is publicizing, which matches volunteers to opportunities in communities throughout the state.

People will also be encouraged to post pictures on Volunteer Louisiana’s Facebook page of volunteer work being done on community service projects and the like.

Dardenne said all those who post pictures will get an “All We Need Is U” sticker. Weekly winners will get a special T-shirt and be featured on the Volunteer Louisiana Facebook page.

Volunteer Louisiana was created by the Legislature in 1993. It encourages people to participate through volunteerism and national service.

Janet Pace is executive director of Volunteer Louisiana.