The Louisiana Democratic Party has unveiled a new ad taking aim at presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. The man quoted in the ad: Former Gov. Bobby Jindal, a Republican and frequent target of the state Democrats.

Louisiana Democrats Donald Trump Bobby Jindal

A new ad from the Louisiana Democratic Party uses clips of former Gov. Bobby Jindal to attack GOP nominee Donald Trump.

The ad, which was debuted on a new site called LATrumpTrain.com, splices clips of Jindal, who made his own unsuccessful bid for president last year, referring to Trump as “a carnival act” and “an egomaniac” who is “full of nonsense” and “shallow,” among other claims.

“He cannot be the nominee. He cannot be our next president,” Jindal says in one clip from CNN.

Jindal, who left office in January, has since said he plans to support Trump, now that all other candidates have exited the GOP race for the nomination.

Democrat Hillary Clinton’s campaign recently released its own ad using Trump’s former GOP opponents to make a case for why he shouldn’t be elected president.

The tactic may remind Louisiana voters of last fall’s gubernatorial race. One of the more prominent ads that GumboPAC ran during the runoff spliced together attacks lobbed by Republicans who had been opponents of U.S. Sen. David Vitter, rather than attacks directly from Democrat John Bel Edwards.