Bobby Jindal's chief of staff responds to criticism of governor's portrait, shoots down comment as 'race-baiting' _lowres

The Jindal portrait on the left has been widely circulated on social media.

A years-old portrait of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal made national headlines this week after Jindal’s chief of staff responded to online critics of the painting.

Lamar White, a left-leaning blogger, tweeted a photo of the painting on Tuesday, incorrectly calling it the governor’s “official portrait.”

Politico, Buzzfeed, NBC News and other outlets all ran stories on the back-and-forth over the painting, which features Jindal’s likeness in a dark suit leaning against a large column on the porch of the Governor’s Mansion.

According to a 2008 article in The Advocate, the full-length portrait was painted by New Orleans artist Tommy Yow. It was commissioned by art collector Henry Shane, who has had long-standing ties with Jindal’s administration.

Jindal’s administration told The Advocate at the time the painting would be temporarily displayed just outside the elevator to the Governor’s Office on the 4th floor of the state Capitol.

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