Former state health chief Bruce Greenstein turned himself in to law enforcement officials Thursday — nine days after an East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury indicted him on nine counts of perjury.

Nineteenth Judicial District Court Judge Mike Erwin, of Baton Rouge, set a $10,000 bail. Greenstein did not have to post any security but rather promise to appear in state when required. He was released on his personal recognizance.

The perjury charges relate to the award of a nearly $200 million state contract to Client Network Service Inc., a firm for which he once worked.

Greenstein’s attorney, John McLindon, said Greenstein flew in from his Seattle home and met with representatives of the Attorney General’s Office — which pursued the indictment.

“They handled it from there,” he said.

An arraignment date has yet to be set. McLindon said Greenstein does not have to appear at the arraignment, which he expects to be in late October or early November.

“It’s a shame it has come to this,” McLindon said. “But we look forward to going to trial and telling our story. … He has not committed perjury.”

A special grand jury indicted Greenstein on Sept. 23 for allegedly lying about his involvement in how his former employer CNSI was chosen for the lucrative Medicaid claims processing contract. The nine counts relate to sworn testimony he gave either before a state Senate confirmation hearing or the grand jury.

Greenstein was a CNSI vice president from 1995 to 1996. He left a high-paying executive position with Microsoft to become Gov. Bobby Jindal’s health secretary.

The indictment alleges he did not tell the truth about communications he had with CNSI or his role in changing a contract provision that allowed the company to compete as the prime contractor.

The grand jury was empaneled by the state Attorney General’s Office. Assistant Attorney General David Caldwell said the grand jury investigation is continuing into other aspects of the case.

The grand jury term doesn’t end until Nov. 18. Caldwell left the door open for a second grand jury being empaneled.

Greenstein resigned as health secretary some 18 months ago.

His departure came soon after news broke of a federal grand jury investigation into the contract award and the Jindal administration’s cancellation of the CNSI pact.

The administration cited, among other reasons, “improper contact” by Greenstein throughout the bid and award process with Maryland-based CNSI.

Greenstein has consistently denied any wrongdoing, as have CNSI officials.

Nothing became of the federal probe, but a behind-the-scenes Attorney General’s Office probe led to the empaneling of the state grand jury and Greenstein’s indictment.

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