James Gill: Bobby Jindal is wrong when he brings Pope Francis into his anti-Obama lack of religious freedom debate _lowres

Republican presidential candidate Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal speaks during the Values Voter Summit, held by the Family Research Council Action, Friday, Sept. 25, 2015, in Washington. ( AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

The Louisiana Democratic Party is striking back at comments Gov. Bobby Jindal made about the recent mass shooting at an Oregon community college.

In a statement, Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Carter Peterson, a state senator from New Orleans, accused Jindal of trying to get attention off the tragedy.

Jindal, who is seeking the GOP nomination for president, blamed the Oregon shooting and other mass shootings on “cultural decay” — including violent video games and movies — and said the shooter’s father “should be ashamed of himself” and “owes us all an apology” for not being more involved in his son’s life.

Peterson called the Jindal op-ed “ethically revolting.”

“Too often, after yet another gun massacre, we’re told by Republicans and their corporate allies not to politicize the tragedy,” she said. “Using the slaughtered students of Umpqua Community College as campaign props is the very definition of doing just that.”

“Given the tragedy our neighbors endured in Lafayette, one would hope our governor would be more responsible in his comments. This stunt is as irresponsible as it is unproductive. Governor Jindal’s policies are hypocritical and irresponsible,” she added.

Jindal has caught heat from others on the left and some media outlets over his remarks, which he noted in the op-ed were “not politically correct.”