A dispute between Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards and Republican state Attorney General Jeff Landry ended Thursday when Landry joined Edwards’ bid to drop an anti-Common Core lawsuit.

The legal challenge was filed in 2014 by former Gov. Bobby Jindal, and Edwards said last week he ordered his legal counsel to ask the U. S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to shelve it.

Landry challenged the governor’s comments and said that, as attorney general, he would have the final say on whether the lawsuit continued.

However, attorneys for Edwards on Thursday asked for the dismissal and Landry said he would join that request.

“My decision today comes after a thorough in-house examination of the pleadings, the district court judgment and the new directives from Congress,” Landry said in a prepared statement.

Jindal had accused the Obama administration of manipulating $4.3 billion in federal dollars to entice states to adopt Common Core, which the ex-governor opposed.

Last year U. S. District Judge Shelly Dick rejected Jindal’s challenge.

Edwards said earlier that it was clear he has the authority to drop the lawsuit.