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In a National Press Club speech, Bobby Jindal referred to Donald Trump as a "narcissist," "egomaniacal," "shallow," and said Trump "lacks the intellectual curiosity to even learn." He also compared Trump's reality television background to the Kardashians: "Just because people like watching Kim Kardashian, we wouldn't put her in the White House either." (From Jindal's National Press Club speech, Sept. 10, 2015)

Former Gov. Bobby Jindal is taking up a new role in global investment management, Ares Management confirmed to The Advocate on Tuesday.

The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report first reported that Jindal sent an email to friends on Tuesday announcing that he has signed on to become an operating adviser for the a Los Angeles-based global asset manager. Business Report publisher Rolfe McCollister is a long-time Jindal ally. 

The Advocate independently confirmed the email's contents with one of its recipients, and a company spokesman confirmed Jindal's role as an operating adviser.

“The firm is large enough to make an impact, and the people are high quality,” Jindal writes, per the Business Report. “I have enjoyed the private equity work I have done over the last several months, and am confident this platform will allow me to help portfolio companies accelerate their growth while also making a real impact in the changing health care environment.”

According to the report, Jindal expects to primarily work with the Ares Private Equity Group.

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“Given my policy background at the federal and state levels, and private sector experience, I will naturally start with a strong focus in health care investments, but will also diversify over time to other areas where I can add value,” he writes.

Jindal, 46, served eight years as Louisiana governor. He previously served as a Congressman representing the state's 1st District, head of the state Department of Health and president of the University of Louisiana System, among other public sector roles.

Jindal launched a campaign for the GOP presidential nomination in June 2015, but failed to bust through the crowded Republican pack and abandoned his bid in November 2015.

Last year, he was named to the board of directors for Cotton Holdings Inc., a Texas-based infrastructure support services company.

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