In 2004, newly inaugurated Gov. Kathleen Blanco, center, reacts to finishing the oath of office in French during ceremonies. Husband, Raymond Blanco, is to the right. Supreme Court Associate Justice Jeannette Theriot Knoll, far right, who gave the oath of office in French.

News reports that former Gov. Kathleen Blanco has entered "hospice" are misleading, say family and friends of hers.

The former governor is alert and visiting daily with friends and family at her home in Lafayette and traveled last week to Baton Rouge, where she stayed with a daughter. She doesn't have a nurse by her side.

No longer able to walk, Blanco is getting around on a motorized wheelchair.

"She really scoots fast," her husband Raymond said.

Clearly though, say friends and family. Blanco's health has declined, and she is no longer seeking to treat her melanoma.

"All medical intervention at this point is for pain management and palliative care," one of Blanco's daughters, Pilar Eble, wrote on Facebook Thursday morning. "We have asked for Hospice's assistance as the cancer is progressing rapidly and would like her care to be in her home and in Lafayette.

"While it is progressing she is not at the end of life at this time, we foresee for many happy and life filled times with our mom. Our hope is for Hospice to be part of our life for a long time. She is going on outing when able and spending time with family. Please pray for her quality of life as we enter this phase of her disease."

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