U.S. Sen. David Vitter and U.S. Rep. Garret Graves said Monday morning that they would not move to impeach President Barack Obama because it would leave Vice President Joe Biden running the country.

Their statements were in response to constituents who asked why Vitter had not taken action to remove Obama from office. Vitter and Graves both said the path forward shows impeachment would require a lot of time and trouble for slim to no payoffs.

“What does it look like to have Joe Biden as president instead of Barack Obama?” Vitter said. “I’ll tell you what it looks like, it looks exactly the same. So what do we do the next time, impeach Joe Biden? Okay let’s impeach Joe Biden. What do you think the next presidential election looks like? Do you think that hurts Hillary [Clinton]? Because I don’t. I think that elects Hillary. I think that elects Hillary for 8 years.”

Graves said the better solution is to adjust the balance of power so Obama — or any president — cannot “run over” Congress. He said Obama has “gone outside of the bounds” of many laws throughout his presidency.

“We would have Joe Biden as the president of the United States, which I will tell you probably concerns me more than anything else,” Graves said.