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In a National Press Club speech, Bobby Jindal referred to Donald Trump as a "narcissist," "egomaniacal," "shallow," and said Trump "lacks the intellectual curiosity to even learn." He also compared Trump's reality television background to the Kardashians: "Just because people like watching Kim Kardashian, we wouldn't put her in the White House either." (From Jindal's National Press Club speech, Sept. 10, 2015)

A luxury hotel, a private car and costly speaking fee, all for former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal to speak at a Yale University event this past September, resulted in a temporary five-figure budget deficit for a university political organization, the Yale Daily News reported.

The Yale Political Union, a debate organization composed of members from different parties, organized the event on the assumption the Young American Foundation -- a political advocacy group that aims to inspire young Conservatives -- would grant them $7,000 to host Jindal.

Meanwhile, YPU and Jindal agreed to host the former governor in the St. Regis Hotel in New York City and reimburse his trip to New Haven, Connecticut, made by private car. Jindal's accommodations totaled $4,053, and his visit cost an additional $10,257 in "unexpected" costs, including a speaking fee. 

Days before the event, YAF informed YPU President Brian Cashin that it would not fund the event due to what Cashin described as a "payment squabble" between YAF and the Washington Speaker's Bureau.

The resulting deficit, most of which was caused by Jindal's speech, threw the organization into confusion, and Cashin into a scramble to offset the $13,477 deficit by soliciting money from outside outlets. . 

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Clarification: Based on a report from the Yale Daily News, The Advocate on Sunday reported that the Poynter Institute was solicited by the Yale Political Union to help offset paying for a speech by former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. A Poynter statement says the organization didn't provide funding to Yale "for this or any other project or fellowship."

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