A political action committee supporting Lousiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s presidential campaign is hitting the airwaves in Iowa.

Believe Again released the “We are All Americans” ad on Monday.

The ad uses clips of Jindal touting his view that the use of “hyphenated Americans” is divisive.

Over the weekend, Jindal’s campaign released its first official T-shirt, which is available for $20 and touts the governor as “tanned, rested, ready” — a nod to Jindal’s Indian heritage and his dislike of “hyphenated American” modifiers (as well as a play on the famous Richard Nixon line).

“The liberal narrative that developed this week was disgusting: apparently Bobby isn’t brown enough for them,” Jindal campaign manager Timmy Teepell said in an email revealing the T shirt.

A previous ad running in Iowa highlighted Jindal’s religious views.

Jindal is returning to Iowa this week to hold various events Tuesday through Saturday, including participating in at least two July 4 parades and tours of local factories.

According to a fundraising pitch to supporters this morning, Jindal’s campaign was $6,545 off from its quarter goal — though the email didn’t specify what the total amount was. Such emails are popular among campaigns hoping to solicit some last-minute contributions.

Over the weekend, Jindal told a crowd at the Governor’s Mansion that his first major fundraiser in Baton Rouge brought in more than $500,000 for his campaign.

Meanwhile, the Center for Responsive Politics has profiled Jindal’s “money man” — former Congressman Bob Livingston. Livingston, who was at the Mansion event, is leading the pro-Jindal Believe Again super PAC.