Gov. Bobby Jindal’s latest campaign finance report will show he has roughly $8.7 million on hand to spend on his Oct. 22 re-election bid, campaign aide Timmy Teepell said Tuesday.

Restrictions on raising money during a legislative session meant Jindal did more spending than collecting during the period covered in the report.

Teepell said about $800,000 was spent between April 16 and July 14 on advertising and other expenses in the latest campaign finance reporting period.

The Jindal campaign is headquartered in downtown Baton Rouge. The campaign also has six regional offices.

Reports are due Monday to the Louisiana Board of Ethics detailing how much money candidates in the Oct. 22 primary election spent and raised in recent months.

The two-month legislative session restricted the governor’s campaign fundraising. State law forbids the governor from raising campaign funds during the session and while he is reviewing and acting on legislation afterward.

The limitations meant Jindal was only able to raise money for roughly a week in the time period covered by the upcoming finance report.

In that time, the governor raised between $200,000 and $300,000, Teepell said.

Jindal added $1.7 million to his campaign war chest in the months leading up to the legislative session.

Only a Haynesville schoolteacher and other candidates with limited financial resources have announced plans to oppose him.

New Orleans-area businessman John Georges loaned himself $10.1 million for an unspecified statewide office in the last reporting cycle.

Georges finished third in the 2007 governor’s race with 14 percent of the vote, behind Jindal and then-state Sen. Walter Boasso, of Arabi.

Qualifying for the governor’s race is Sept. 6-8.

The primary will be held Oct. 22 with a runoff, if necessary, Nov. 19.

Four years ago, Jindal won the primary outright, canceling the need for a runoff.

He joked to campaign volunteers Tuesday that it is always better to win than to lose.