Businessman Stuart Bishop, a political newcomer who won House District 43 without opposition, said that low business taxes are the key to the state’s economic growth.

“Small businesses in Louisiana need a lower, more stable tax environment to remove uncertainty pertaining to future growth,” Bishop said.

Incentives can sometimes be a good tool to lure businesses from out-of-state, he said, but low and stable taxes are more critical factors.

Bishop said he believes the key to balancing the state budget lies not in new taxes but in reducing the number of state employees and cutting expenses.

“We need to look at the size of our government,” he said.

Bishop campaigned on the need for “aggressive attrition” in state jobs and shifting more state services to the private sector.

Bishop said Louisiana’s high poverty rates could be addressed by working to grow the job market and by improving the education system.

The representative-elect said the most pressing need in his district is roads.

He cited in particular the need to complete Interstate 49 by continuing to upgrade U.S. 90 to interstate standards and the need to improve Verot School Road, a main traffic artery for southern Lafayette Parish.

Bishop will fill the representative seat now held by Page Cortez, a Lafayette Republican who was unopposed in his bid to move to the state Senate.


Republican, Lafayette.

36, co-owner of a concrete company.




Ward/Precinct and location

Lafayette Parish

87Y Plantation Elementary

87Z Plantation Elementary

88 Plantation Elementary

89 Plantation Elementary

91 Fire Station No. 12

92 Lafayette Parish School Board Office

93 Comeaux High

94 Comeaux High

95Y Comeaux High

95Z Comeaux High

96Y Southpark Fire Station No. 10

96Z Southpark Fire Station No. 10

97A Southpark Fire Station No. 10

97B Southpark Fire Station No. 10

98 Broussard Police Dept.

104Y Fire Station No. 12

104Z Fire Station No. 12

107 Youngsville Middle

108 Ernest Gallet Elementary

111 Ernest Gallet Elementary