State Sen. Jody Amedee, who is unopposed for re-election for the second time since he was first elected in 2004, said he will continue to work to improve roads and infrastructure in Senate District 18.

Amedee said the four-laning of La. 42 from Airline Highway to La. 44 is a much-needed project currently in the pipeline, but not completely funded.

“We’ve got to keep working to get all the money needed to finish that project,” Amedee said.

Amedee’s Senate district was largely redrawn during reapportionment, and includes portions of Ascension, Livingston and St. James parishes.

Amedee said the state must continue to attract new business by reducing tax burdens.

“I think the things we’ve been doing to promote economic development are the things we need to continue to do — promote our state,” he said.

He pointed to the success of legislation he supported that eliminated taxes on machinery and equipment.

“Having a good infrastructure and a business-friendly environment are keys to economic development,” he said.

Amedee does not favor increasing taxes, but supports budget cuts. He said he favored a legislative bill that would allow across-the-board cuts of up to 10 percent at all agencies. Under the current system, he said, education and health care bear the brunt of the budget-cutting ax.

On the issue of addressing poverty, Amedee favors promoting early childhood education programs and providing more resources for children living in poverty-stricken areas.

“We’ve got to do a better job in education across the state,” he said.


Democrat, Gonzales.

39, lawyer.

EDUCATION: B.S., Nicholls State Univer-sity; J.D., Southern University.



Ward/Precinct and location

Ascension Parish

1 Oak Grove Community Center

2 Oak Grove Primary

3 Galvez Branch Library

4 Galvez Middle

5 A Galvez Middle

5 B Galvez Middle

6 Dutchtown High

7 Mayon’s on Miller Street

8 Oak Grove Primary

9 Prairieville Middle

10 Prairieville Middle

11 Prairieville Middle

12 Galvez Lake Fire Department

13 Galvez Lake Fire Department

14 Lake Primary

15 Lake Primary

16 A Duplessis Primary

16 B Duplessis Primary

17 LeBlanc Nissan

18 Central Middle

20 Fire District No. 1 Training Facility

21 Central Middle

22 St. Amant High

23 Fire District No. 1 Training Facility

24 Dept. of Public Works Auditorium

25 Dept. of Public Works Auditorium

26 St. Amant High

27 St. Amant Elementary

28 Gonzales Primary

31 East Ascension High

32 East Ascension High

33 Regions Bank

34 Sorrento Town Hall

35 St. Amant Elementary

40 Marchand School

41 Lake Primary

42 Faith Academy

43 Faith Academy

58 Gonzales City Hall

70 Galvez Branch Library

71 Dutchtown Middle

72 Dutchtown Middle

73 Dutchtown Middle

Livingston Parish

7B South Walker Elementary

14 Springfield High

15 Killian Voting Precinct

16 Maurepas School New Gym

17 Fire District No. 9 Station No. 2

18 French Settlement Elementary

18A French Settlement Elementary

21 Gray’s Creek Elementary

22 Fire District No. 8 Substation

31 Springfield High

32 Killian Voting Precinct

33 Port Vincent Village Hall

34 French Settlement Town Hall

38 Springfield High

43 French Settlement Elementary

St. James Parish

8 Grand Point Fire Station

8A Paulina Elementary

8B Paulina Elementary

8C Grand Point Fire Station

9 Grand Point Fire Station

9A Grand Point Fire Station

10 St. James Parish Courthouse

11 St. James Parish Courthouse