Republican Mike Mannino, a long-time Exxon employee, is seeking election to the newly-formed Senate District 6 seat.

Senate District 6 includes parts of East Baton Rouge, Livingston, St. Helena and Tangipahoa parishes.

Mannino, a Central resident, said he is the only “true conservative” in the Oct. 22 election, noting he was one of the original “Tax Busters.”

“I will never vote for increasing taxes, firmly believing that government doesn’t have a revenue problem; it has a spending problem caused by being involved in many functions that they should not be a part of,” Mannino said in his candidacy statement.

“As federal spending and by default, federal money to the states begins to be reduced, we will be faced with financial challenges in Louisiana that we have never seen before and it will take a new way of thinking to get through these budget challenges.”

Mannino said government must learn to do more with less, adopt tax policies that encourage companies to move here, put people to work “that are able to contribute to this effort” and increase revenue by job creation and “a vibrant economy.”

“Government must not continue to raise taxes to finance government functions that our founders never intended government to be involved in,” he said.

It also should not “increase regulation that burden companies with needless bureaucracy,” or “continue operating under the ‘Good Ole Boys’ system where projects and funding is not approved on merit but by who is asking or who needs a favor,” he said.

Mannino said money should not be collected “at the state level to send back to local municipalities after skimming off the top to fund a huge state government.”

Mannino is married to Vanda Withers Mannino, a Livingston Parish high school teacher. They have five children, and three grandchildren.

He has worked for the past 32 years in Exxon middle management.

His mother and father are from Tangipahoa Parish.