A veteran Baton Rouge City Court judge who lost Saturday's runoff for a 19th Judicial District Court seat by just 27 votes said Monday she is "amped & ready" for a Nov. 3 rematch with Tiffany Foxworth.

Yvette Alexander said she's "not really conceding" the election to Foxworth, a lawyer since 2005, but hasn't decided whether to ask for a recount of the results.

Such a request has to be made by 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Complete but unofficial election results, which will be certified by election officials Tuesday, show Foxworth received 9,222 votes to Alexander's 9,195 votes. Foxworth received 50.07% of the vote.

There were 18,417 votes cast in Saturday's special election, or 18% of the 99,681 qualified voters in the 19th JDC's Division M.

Alexander, who has served on City Court since 1995, suggested in a Facebook post Monday that the turnout for her Nov. 3 rematch with Foxworth — and the result — will be different.

"My campaign will continue to run full speed ahead! We are expecting a true indication of the people's voice for the November 3rd Election," she stated. "We are battle-tested, amped & ready for the war! Let's go and get this victory!!"

Foxworth, who placed first in the July 11 primary, also expressed confidence Monday.

"On July 11, the citizens of this parish spoke. On Aug. 15 they spoke again. And on Nov. 3 I am very confident they will come out in a higher percentage to confirm what they have already spoken," she said.

Foxworth, a registered nurse and U.S. Army veteran, will fill the remainder of a term in Division M that expires Dec. 31. Foxworth and Alexander are the only candidates who qualified last month for the Nov. 3 election for a full six-year term.

Foxworth had won 37% of the vote in the July 11 primary to Alexander's 34%. Two other candidates split the remaining vote in the primary.

The Division M seat opened up when state District Judge Beau Higginbotham, who held the seat, was elected last fall to the 19th JDC's Division C seat nearer to his home. That seat was vacated by retired Judge Lou Daniel.

Foxworth said during the campaign that she possessed the temperament, leadership skills and legal expertise to sit on the state court bench. She said her criminal court experience is what distinguished her.

Alexander, who was a lawyer for 16 years before being elected to City Court, touted her 25 years on the bench during the campaign and said her judicial experience is what set her apart.

Division M is a district that includes Baker, Zachary and Central and extends into Sherwood Forest.

This story has been updated to reflect that the deadline for challenging the results is 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, not the same time on Wednesday.

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